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New for 2024! Pre designed plant collections/combinations for your containers or small space garden. Would also work great for a window box! Each of these collections is designed to fill a 12-14-inch container. We like to pack our plants tightly into containers to provide for instant impact!


This collection is a bit different and features some of our darker plants!  While the hues of the foliage may be dark, the Sugar Beet Petunia and Wictches Brew Coleus vivid colors are highlighted. The Corkscrew Rush adds interesting texture and a bit of an oddity!  This collection includes 7 plants: 


Coleus Withes Brew., Petunia Sugar Beet (2 plants), Petunia Black Mamba (2-plants), Corkscrew Rush, Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine) Jet Black.

Limited Quantities.  Order early!


All 4.5-inch or quart pots. Full sun/Mostly sun for best results. (We reserve the right to substitute similar plants in the event of crop failure or availability issues.)

Dark & Stormy - Plant Collection Pack

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