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Superbells Coral Sun features flowers with bright orange and coral petals, and a sunny yellow center. This unique color palette offers a punch of vibrant color to any container, planter box or hanging basket. Plus, they bloom continuously through the warmth of late spring all the way until your first hard frost in the fall, so your containers will have a pop of color all season long. Combine the mounding, trailing habit with the thrill of abundant flowers and you have a “spiller” like no other! Coral Sun Calibrachoa cascade over the side of containers and baskets, setting the whole arrangement aglow with its blazing blooms. Consider growing Superbells® on a sunny patio to entice an up-close visit from hummingbirds. The bright blooms and nectar are a hummingbird favorite.


Full sun. 6-12" tall. 12-24" wide. 4.5-inch pot.

Calibrachoa - Coral Sun - SPILLER/FILLER

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